H: Pearson cites statistics about the number of freelancers expected in coming years. And McMillans says he’s heard they have high job satisfaction. Pearson says Millennials are passionate about flexibility and work-life balance. And he and Grace talk about changes in where people physically do their work.

in the not too distant future
H: At a future time that is not far off, that is not very long from now. We also say the not too distant past. Things like “In the not too distant past, no one had cellphones.” Or “In the not too distant past, we didn’t have antibiotics.” 

healthcare coverage
H: In this case, coverage refers to the amount and type of protection that an insurance agreement gives you. If you ask someone “How’s your coverage?” or “What’s your coverage?” You’re asking them what their policy pays for and what percentage. We also use the word cover this way. “This insurance policy covers fire and earthquake damage.” Or “I’m covered for fire and earthquake damage.”
S: coverageには保険の保障範囲という意味以外に、報道機関による報道といった意味もありますね。その場合にはmedia coverageとかpress coverageというふうに使います。

on demand
H: McMillan up at the top says “I’ve seen surveys that show on-demand freelance workers have high levels of job satisfaction.” On demand means you can get something whenever you need it or ask for it. McMillan is talking about freelancers who work when a company requests their services. Likewise we can watch movies on demand now. We can just go to our computers, click on the movie we want and it starts streaming.

here to stay
H: Not going to change or leave. Firmly established. Things like “Is virtual currency here to stay or is it just a fad?” or  “The cold weather is here to stay for a while. Temperatures will be low through the week.”

be passionate about
H: Care about something a lot. Be devoted to it. You may not have noticed but I’m really passionate about movies. I love watching them, critiquing them. Or you could say “He’s really passionate about animal rights. He works hard to protect animals and to spread awareness of the issue.”

lock oneself into
H: Commit to something, fix yourself in a position. “He’s locked himself into working at this company for five years.” Or you could reverse it and say “This contract locks him into working here for five years.”

H: Down at the bottom, Pearson says “The workforce of the future will be mobile, flexible, and autonomous.”

be evaluated according to results
H: Be assessed, be judged according to the results we produce. You could say “Job applicants are evaluated by their résumé, interviews, and a writing test.” Or “We need to reevaluate our market strategy.”

H: Mainstream refers to what most people do, what’s considered standard in some situation. We also say go mainstream or become mainstream. Become common practice, become ordinary. Acupuncture has gone mainstream in the United States. Not considered exotic anymore.
H: mainstream mediaと言えば従来からある新聞、雑誌、テレビなどの既存の主流媒体のことです。ニューメディア、例えばインターネットや携帯電話などを利用した新しいメディア、online media、wireless media、などに対してmainstream mediaというふうに使います。


internet connection
H: Grace says “The office will be wherever you happen to be doing your work as long as you have things like an internet connection.” A communication’s link to the internet. We also use connection about phone communications. Let’s say I’m speaking to someone overseas and I can’t hear them. I might say “You know what, we have a bad connection. Let me call you back.”
S: internet connection、インターネットの接続ということですね。