H: Pearson describes how A&A keeps in touch with former employees. 
And Ueda asks what prompted Nissen to leave A&A. 
Nissen says he wasn’t unhappy there but felt he wasn’t doing enough to achieve his ambitions. Nissen adds that the other company needed him to start immediately, so he had to decide very quickly. 

alumni ecosystem 
H: Biologically speaking an ecosystem is an ecological community and its environment. Pearson means a system in which people interact with each other, in this case former employees. You could also talk about the ecosystem of a company and its suppliers or a company and its customers.
S: ecosystemとは生態系のことね。ここではalumni ecosystemということで卒業生、同窓生、元従業員とのコミュニティといった意味で使われています。「同窓会」のことはalumni associationというふうに言います。

H: Has the skills or certifications required for a task. We also say people are underqualified and overqualified. “He can’t get a job because he’s overqualified. Companies will hire someone with less experience for a lower salary.”



H: An opening, a spot that needs to be filled. In addition to job openings, hotels and apartments also use this term. American motels, for example, have signs outside saying vacancy or no vacancy. And that lets people know whether they should get off the road or not. If there is no vacancy, well, you just keep driving. 
S: No Vacancy「空き部屋はありません」「満室です」ということですね。

apologize for
H: Nissen says “I must apologize for my abrupt departure 12 months ago.” 

H: Self-satisfied, thinking “Oh everything’s just fine” and not being aware of possible dangers or deficiencies. I got complacent the other day regarding backups. Hadn’t backed up for a while and I ended up losing a bunch of files. 
S: 通常否定的な意味合いで使います。ビジネスの世界では現状に満足しているということは向上心に欠けているとみなされます。

compensation package
H: A bundle of salary and other forms of compensation, types of pay. We also talk about severance package or travel packages sold by travel agencies.
S: packageというのは一括した処遇といった意味ですね。compensation and benefitsとも言いますね。compensationというのは給与。benefitsというのは給与以外のもろもろの特典ということ。severance packageというのは離職の際に会社から示されるpackage、離職手当のことですね。

down the road
H: Later on, in the future. We also say down the line. “She’ll be promoted a few years down the road.” “He wants to open his own company somewhere down the line.”

leap at
S: leapの過去というのはleapの後にtをつけた形ですね。発音は /liːpt/という人もいますが、ビニェットでは過去形で “I leapt (/lept/) at it.” というふうにNissenは言っていました。
H: Immediately take advantage of some opportunity. “She leapt at the chance to work overseas.”

S: 終わり近くでNissenが言っていましたね。”The company that headhunted me” ヘッドハンターが引き抜く、スカウトするという意味でも使えますが、直接会社が引き抜くという時にもheadhuntという動詞を使いますね。

start yesterday
H: Start immediately in other words. We often use yesterday this way like “I’m sorry I can’t talk right now. I need to finish this by yesterday.” Or “We’re in a big hurry. Could you finish this by yesterday?”
S: yesterday、昨日という意味ですが、面白い使い方をしますね。”I need it yesterday.” あるいは”I want it yesterday.”と言えば、できれば昨日ほしかった、というところから、至急必要だという意味ですね。