H: Pearson asks the staff to welcome back Nissen, who has returned to A&A after working at another company for a while. 
Nissen expresses gratitude for being able to rejoin A&A, which he says would’ve been difficult without a clear company plan for taking in boomerang employees. 
Grace explains why she thinks boomerang employees will increase in the years to come.

boomerang employee, boomeranger

H: Boomerang employee is part of the title of our vignette today. And about a third of the way down, Pearson says “So, without further ado, here’s Bill the boomeranger.” 

previous life 

H: Pearson is making a joke here. He’s using the idea of reincarnation, the idea that one person lives multiple lives. Myself, I was a table in a previous life. I say that because I have good luck getting seated in restaurants and such. I can almost always get a table. I also say I have table karma. 
S: いまヘザーさんはreincarnationという言葉を仰っていましたね。輪廻、再生、のことですね。karma、カルマも同じような意味で使います。


get back up to speed quickly
H: Quickly return to knowing about the company and its activities, to the knowledge and capability that Nissen had when he previously worked at the company. Things like “She quickly got back up to speed after returning from her maternity leave.” Or “Read these reports to get back up to speed.”
S: up to speedというのは充分な速度に達して、とか、充分情報に通じた、あるいは時代に遅れていないという意味のフレーズです。bring someone up to speed on何々、と言えば、何々について必要な情報を人に与える、何々の情報を人に飲み込ませる、ということですね。

without further ado
H: Without any further talk, ceremony or fuss. 
Ado is a very old word that only survives in a few expressions like this. A company president might say at a product launch “So, without further ado, here’s our latest model.” 
We also say much ado about nothing, meaning a lot of fuss over something that isn’t important. Imagine I was frantically searching for my passport. Ultimately it was much ado about nothing. It was in my bag the whole time. 

prodigal son
H: This comes from a Bible story about a son who leaves his family and ultimately comes back after wasting al his money. He’s ashamed and humble but his father joyously welcomes him back. Like Nissen, we often use this jokingly. A parent might say “The prodigal son/daughter will be back from college on Friday.”

H: Down at the bottom, Grace says “If I can interject, I agree we’ll be seeing more boomerang employees in the years to come.” This is interrupting someone else’s remark to say something or insert oneself into the conversation. Such as “He interjected when his boss cited incorrect sales data.”
S: interjectは動詞ですが、名詞はinterjectionですね。これは間投詞という意味で、呼びかけの言葉などを表しますね。HeyとかOhといったのがinterjectionです。

free-agent mentality
H: Grace Is using this term in a sports sense. In the sports world, a free agent is free to sign a contract with any team. This can also mean a person who can act freely without being controlled by someone else. You could tell a friend “You’re a free agent. If you want to change jobs, you can.”

company fold 
H: In this case fold means a group of people with the same ideas or activities. It’s using the image of a group of sheep or an enclosure for sheep. Those are other meanings of fold. Imagine someone returning from overseas. You could say “We’re eager to welcome you back to the fold.” 
S: fold、組織といったような意味で使われていますが、元々は家畜用の囲い、柵のことですね。penとも言いますね。