Grace cites a study that found swiftly formed opinions about a person did not differ much from opinions formed over a longer time. Collins says first impressions can be powerful and extremely hard to change.
Ueda mentions the importance of appearance. And Pearson says it's vital to look polished and professional. He advises against looking flashy or desperate for attention.

H: Vital, decisive. "It's crucial we win this construction bid." Or "Being on time is crucial to making a good impression."

internally justify
H: Find reasons in their head that something is right or reasonable. "He justified buying the expensive suit as a way to impress clients." You could also say something like "Outwardly I was smiling but internally I was furious." And internally can also mean inside an organization or a group. "The company investigated the scandal internally."
S: 会社に関して、internallyと言えば「社内で」という意味になりますね。We'll discuss this internally first.と言えば「まず社内で話をしてみます」ということですね。

time constraints
H: A limit on one's time. "We had serious time constraints during our business trip, so there wasn't any time for sightseeing."

You shouldn't judge a book by its cover.
H: This is a very famous expression. We shouldn't judge someone's worth or something's quality by its external appearance. We also say appearances can be deceiving. And that means that something's outward appearance can give the wrong impression about its inner value or condition. "She seems snobbish but appearances can be deceiving. She might actually be shy."
S: 同じような意味で今ヘザーさんは、Appearances can be deceiving. と言っていましたね。deceiving、騙されやすいということですね。

make assumptions about
H: Or assume things about. Believe that something is true even though we don't have evidence of it or no one has told us that. "We shouldn't assume a person is unhappy because they're single. Maybe they don't want to get married."

be desperate to
H: Here desperate means needing or wanting to do something very much. There's a sense of "Please, please. I have to have this." And that's not necessarily wrong or inappropriate. A person could be desperate to find childcare so that they can go back to work.

like it or not
S: Whether you like it or not、と言うこともできます。
H: Regardless of how we feel about it, this is the situation. "Like it or not, Peter will be our supervisor starting next month." Or "Like it or not, our metabolism slows down as we get older."
S: metabolism、新陳代謝ということですね。


H: If something is polished, it's refined, the flaws have been removed. Like a metal surface has been polished and looks shiny. "That presentation wasn't very polished. Some of the visual aids were confusing or unnecessary." Or to use the active verb, you could say "I want to polish this ad a little more, make it better."
S: 金属に関して言えば、磨かれたということですね。洗練されたといった意味でビニェットでは使われています。

count for a lot
H: It's very important. It's a big factor in how something is judged. You could say "Design counts for a lot in consumer electronics. People like chic products."
S: 大切であるということ。