Pearson describes how he attempted to dissuade Nissen from going to another company. And Ueda wonders if Nissen gave the move sufficient thought. Pearson says he was given a very lucrative offer, partly inspired by his superlative performance at A&A. Grace reminds the staff of how Nissen almost always makes an excellent first impression. And Pearson says he dazzled the people who interviewed him.

make someone an offer they can't refuse

H: Pearson is partly making a joke here. This expression appears in the Godfather. And in that movie it means a deadly threat. It means "Do what I want or I'm gonna kill you." But Pearson means too good to turn down. And he could say that too. "They made Bill an offer that was too good to turn down."

give enough thought to
H: Think something over sufficiently. A similar expression is think something through. "I wonder whether he really thought this through." Or "There's no demand for this product. The manufacturer didn't give enough thought to current market conditions."
S: もう一つの言い方が、think something throughですね。

wish someone well
H: He means "I hope things go well for him." I hope he's successful, happy, whatever. A similar expression is wish someone the best. You'll often see this on goodbye cards, for example. "I'll miss working with you. Wishing you all the best."

H: In this case generous means abundant, ample. "This restaurant serves very generous portions." So, very large portions.
S: 私の元いた会社のGM、general manager、とてもいい人なのでみんなが、general managerと言わずにgenerous managerというふうに呼んでいました。
H: Aww. That's sweet.

H: Large as in has considerable volume or weight. "That bank charges a hefty fee for overseas money transfers." Or "He had a hefty tax bill last year."

sign-on bonus
H: A bonus given for joining a company. Athletes get a sign-in bonus, like signing a contract. Things like "That ball player got a 2 million dollar sign-in bonus."
S: チームが新しいアスリートと契約する場合に、sign on a new playerなどと言います。ヘッドハンターが役員や上席の社員をリクルートするときに、sign-on bonusを支払うことがあります。通常は入社して一定期間経過した後に支払う約束で、その間に何らかの理由で解雇された場合、あるいは、当人が辞任した場合には支払われないというのが普通です。

hit the ground running
S: 元々はアメリカの海兵隊の俗語だったようです。ジャンジャンやるとかですね、本格的に活動する、新しい事業などを強力に押し進めるという意味です。路面に降り立ってすぐに走りながら次のアクションを開始する様からできたと言われています。

S: Depart and leave something empty or available. And this can be used about things or people. "We have to vacate the apartment by the end of the month." Or "Company X is taking over the office space vacated by Company Y."

fall over oneself
H: We also say fall all over oneself or trip over oneself. They all mean make a huge effort, try very hard to accomplish something. "The company fell all over itself trying to get Jane to stay." Or "He fell over himself trying to impress her."
S: bend over backwardsとも言いますね。体を後ろに曲げる、というところから、懸命に努力する、という意味です。

S: mesmerizeというのは催眠術をかけるといった意味がありますね。