Mr. Pain has tennis elbow.

How are you doing, Mr. Pain?
Not good. I have tennis elbow from playing it so much.
There's a way around that.
Oh no. I just deleted my whole document.
Press control z to get it back.
It's back! Now I need to copy this part and paste it here.
Press control c and then hit control v.
Emma, you just made my life easier.
Glad to be of help.
Did I hear you say there's a way around it?
Yes, Mr. Pain.
What is it?
Take a break from playing tennis.
Oh. What would you recommend I do instead?
Enjoy listening to Rajiei!
Oh. I'll certainly do that.

K: All right. Well, signing out message seems pretty lengthy.
J: There's a way around that.
K: Oh I know. So until next time
J: Keep listening
KA: Keep practicing
K: And keep on smiling
All: Bye!
K: Well done.