They're in a jungle.

Don, I'm no good at this sort of photography.
That's not true, Linda.
There's not an animal in sight.
Let me help you out.
Hi, guys. I'm Rilla.
Rilla, could you run up that tree for me?
Sure, like this?
Go, Rilla, go!
I got some good shots! This is easier than I thought. Rilla, can you call for a lion for me?
Sorry. They're all tied up. Lions and tigers and bears and all. They're listening to ラジオ英会話.
Oh, my. It's a wrap, Don.
Here's the radio, Linda.
May I join you two?
Be our guest!
Thank you.

J: Not a very scary jungle.
K: Another shameless promotion of ラジオ英会話.
KA: Yes.
K: Well, that's about it for today, so until next time
J: Keep listening
KA: Keep practicing
K: And keep on smiling
All: Bye!