McMillan says it's important for children to be able to answer family budget questions. And Collins recommends not treating the ATM like a toy in front of children.
Lyons describes how he and his wife helped their children improve their math skills and be part of a financial decision. He also talks about the time his father brought home thousands of dollars in cash.

as the saying goes
H: As expressed in this adage, this maxim. A similar term is as they say. This can refer to sayings or common expressions. "Better safe than sorry as they say." Or "Better late than never as the saying goes."

flash lots of money
H: In this case, flash means use or wear in a showy, conspicuous way. There's a nuance of showing off, like saying "Hey, look at me!"
"He's been flashing his designer watch around the office." Or "She's always flashing her expensive jewelry."

H: You can say ATM or ATM machine. Either is okay, although technically machine is already part of the name. You could ask "Is there an ATM nearby?" Or "Does this ATM machine take Japanese cards?"
S: ATMのMはmachineなので、ATM machineと言うと、machineがダブって使われていて可笑しいように聞こえるかもしれませんが、今ではどちらでもいいとされていますね。他にもいろいろ例はあります。例えば、PINというのは、Personal Identification Numberのことなので、PIN numberとか、PIN codeと言うのは本当はおかしいんですが、普通に目にすることがあります。日本でも例えば、二重橋を、Nijubashi Bridgeというふうに表記することの方が多いわけですね。Niju Bridgeだと、なんか二重橋という感じがしないというところから、bridgeがダブってもNijubashi Bridgeというふうに使うことがあります。

H: Compute, work out mathematically. "This website helps you calculate your tax burden." Or "We can save 10 percent of quarter by my calculation."
S: 計算機はcalculatorですね。

H: An enlightened person or a thing is forward thinking and wise. It shows understanding and reason. "The company has an enlightened policy regarding paternity leave. New fathers can take up to one year off."
S: いまヘザーさんは、enlightened personというふうに言っていましたね。仏教なんかだと悟りを開いた人のことをenlightened personというふうに言います。

H: Here dump means drop or release something in a large mass.
There's a sense of dropping something heavily like boom! "I dumped his coat and bag on the desk." Or "I dumped all the papers on the table."
S: dumpは名詞としても使いますね。garbage dumpと言えば、廃棄物処理場、ごみ捨て場のことですね。

rob a bank
H: We sometimes use this expression when someone has a lot of cash on him. Imagine you see me with 300,000 yen in cash. You might ask "Did you rob a bank?" And I'll say something like "No no. I'm getting a new television."


go for
H: You could also say go to in this situation. He means used for a specific purpose, channeled to that purpose. "20 percent of our budget goes to personnel costs."
S: go for、ビニェットの中では、go for basic necessitiesというふうに使われていますね。「生活必需品にお金がかかる」という意味ですね。

without saying a word
H: He means literally without speaking. We also say without batting an eye and that means someone doesn't hesitate or get flustered.
I judged a speech contest the other day and someone's cellphone rang during one of the speeches but without batting an eye, the speaker just kept going.