Princess Oto and Taro Urashima are discussing their future plans.

Oto, I've got an even better plan.
Okay, Taro.
We could free up some shell cash by selling the castle and downsizing.
What are you driving at, that we live in a yacht or something for the rest of our lives?
Let me finish. We'll buy a small condo. And I'll let you decide where we live.
I can live with that.
Somewhere by the sea.
Of course, where seaweeds abound.
Yes. We need salad for every meal. Will you be cooking?
We can take turns.
Okay. How should I learn the language?
Oh that's no problem. There's a perfect textbook for you.
Oh look at this lady Katie. She looks so nice.
And this man Jeff is a nice man too.
Me Turtle think the other guy Ken is very nice too. Do you think so?
Yes. Of course.
I'm not forcing you to say that.

K: Fun conversation at the bottom of the sea. So it's time but we've got more for tomorrow.
J&KA: We can live with that.
K: Great! Well, that's about it for today, so until next time
J: Keep listening
KA: Keep practicing
K: And keep on smiling
All: Bye.