McMillan describes how one firm conveyed its position on proper dressing, letting employees know that some clothes were too casual. Ueda talks about Japan's coolbiz program, its content and goals. Grace says some people are calling the new casual corporate look "business casual." And Lyons adds that jeans t-shirts have never caught on in such industries as banking and accounting. 

H: Very well known, gets a lot of attention. A high-profile lawsuit would get lots of coverage in the press, for example. 
On the other hand we say low-profile and keep a low profile. "The new company president has kept a low profile so far. He hasn't made any big changes yet." 
S: high-profileの反対は、low-profileですね。keep a low profileと言えば、「低姿勢を保つ」「目立たないようにする」ということになります。

H: We say tongue-in-cheek things in a serious sounding way but we mean them as a joke. We're pulling people's legs. Imagine a store where there's very few customers. It's a very slow day. The manager makes a tongue-in-cheek suggestion that they tackle people outside, force them to come in and buy something. 
S: tackle people outside「表を通っている人にタックルをかけてお店に連れてきます」というような冗談のことを、tongue-in-cheekというふうに今ヘザーさんは説明していたわけですね。それから、pulling people's legsとも言っていました。pull someone's legと言えば「人をかつぐ」とか「騙す」ということですね。Are you pulling my leg? と言えば、「私をかつごうとしているんですか?冗談ですか?」といった意味ですね。

police lineup 
H: This is a line of suspects who are shown to a crime victim or a witness to see if they recognize any of them. And we also say just a lineup. "I went to the police station to look at a lineup but none of them looked like the robber." 
S: ただ単にlineupと言ってもいいと今ヘザーさんは言っていましたね。そうですね。容疑者を含む人々を一列に並ばせるその列のことをlineupと言いますね。スポーツでもlineupという言葉は使います。試合に出る選手の陣容のことですね。

H: They're becoming less strict, they're being eased. "There's been a relaxation in visa requirements over the last few years." Or "Visa requirements have been relaxed in recent years." 
S: 日本語では「リラックスすること」という意味でリラクゼーションというふうにカタカナ表記をすることが多いですが、英語の発音とはちょっと違いますね。英語は   というふうに濁らずに発音します。

H: A clean, neat, tidy appearance. In addition to a person like a well-groomed man, you can say well-groomed hair or well-groomed trees in a park. 
S: そうですね。人だけでなく、hairについてもよく使いますね。well-groomed hair「きちんと整えられた髪の毛」のことですね。それから動物についても使いますね。犬のグルーミングというふうにペットショップなどのところに看板が出てたりします。

H: In this case given means particular, specified. "He was hired as a consultant for a given period." Say, six months or something. 

gain headway 
H: We also say make headway. Make progress, advance. "We made some serious headway in the negotiations." Or "We talked for three hours but made no headway on the issue of pay cuts."

develop a sense for
H: They develop a feeling, an intuition for something. "He's developed a sense for which product will be successful." Or "She's developed a sense for when to compromise in negotiations."
S: develop a sense for、で「何々のセンスを磨く」