McMillan praises Grace's work on the new A&A dress code. And Collins applauds how the dress code clarifies the company's position on the new trend in casual dressing. Lyons says it bothers him to see people wearing things like sweat pants in the office. Ueda feels that a dress code reflects a business' corporate culture. And Grace says that's why A&A put its code in writing.

go out
H: You could also say things like "The press release will go out tomorrow."

page turner
H: Page turner is a book, an article, something printed that's so interesting we keep quickly turning the pages one after another. "That mystery novel was a real page turner." Or "This article on the history of the FBI is a real page turner."
S: page turner、ページをめくる人のことですね。辞書を引くと「面白い本、主に小説」というふうに書いてありますが、いまヘザーさんは、"A book, an article, some printed matter"というふうに言っていましたね。短いものではなく、かなり長いものでですね、読み出したら面白くてやめられないような本、長い記事、印刷物、そういったものを指すようですね。

H: Irritate, bother. The noun annoyance can mean our feeling of being annoyed or something that annoys us. "Martha kept interrupting John and his annoyance, his irritation was clear." Or "I hate it when telemarketers call. It's such an annoyance."
S: 名詞はannoyanceですね。

keep to the middle ground
H: Keep to the middle between different sides. We also say find a middle ground, meaning find a compromise between two different positions. Naturally this is common in negotiations. "The union and management found a middle ground on the wage increase."
S: 「妥協点」という意味でも使いますね。その意味では、happy mediumとか、golden meanというフレーズも使われます。

sweep the nation
H: Here sweep means swiftly become popular or very common over some areas, some group. "Running has swept the nation. Running is very popular right now
, jogging." Or "Chickenpox has swept the school. Half the kids are home sick."
S: chickenpoxというのは「水ぼうそう」のことですね。

H: Recoil from something in disgust or embarrassment. "I cringed when I heard him make that sexist joke." Or "I cringed when he yelled at her boss. I knew he'd get fired."

fashion police
S: 実際にそういう警察があるわけではないんですが、見苦しい服装の人を取り締まる架空の警察組織。ファッションにうるさい人のことですね。

S: スクリーンなどに映し出す、投影するということですね。
H: To put forward, to send out. I've heard things like "Wear boots to project an image of confidence." Or "Managers must project calm in a crisis."
S: project an image of confidence、イメージを映し出す。それから、voice projectionと言えばですね、「声の出し方」のことですね。
H: Right. If they can't hear you in the back of a room during a speech, people might tell you you need to project more.

H: State clearly and exactly what something is. "We need to clearly define our company's policy on environmental protection." Or "The goal of this project is not clearly defined."

move with the times
H: Change, adapt, act in keeping with modern developments. "We should use social media more aggressively in our marketing. We have to move with the times."