Adam is feeling jealous.

True love cannot be masked. Can we meet at last? I'll be at City Park at 6 with my dog named Tricks.
Someone is madly in love with you.
I have a feeling it's John.
You mean John from the ER?
He's one lucky guy.
I'm one lucky girl.
Does John have a dog?
Search me. Will you ask around for me?
Will do. I want a full report tomorrow, okay?
Okay. Bye!
Roses are red. Sugar is sweet. But I'm so blue. I need a retreat.

K: So how do you feel about your brother? Jeff. He's performing well.
J: He sounds pretty good. He's much better than I am. I'm not a good actor.
K: I don't know. We'll find out.
J: Can I come back tomorrow?
K: Sure.
KA: Sure.
K: No. At least this week you'll be here.
J: Yes until he gets better.

Ouch. Poor Joe's voice sounded terrible. Although some listeners said they thought it was kind of sexy.
KA: Well, be careful not to catch a cold, everyone.
J: And see you next time.
KA&J: Bye!