Adam is a big flirt.

So, where's Veronica?
She's around here somewhere. Can I ask you a question?
How tall are you?
6'1. Why do you ask?
Just curious.
May I have this dance?
You look absolutely stunning tonight.
Why, thank you, Adam.
Shall we?
We shall.
Goodbye, Claire.

K: これはちょっと、you can't beat that.
KA: No, you can't beat that.
J: I don't know if you can trust that either.
KA: Can you do that laugh again?
J: (does the laugh)
KA: That's great.
K: So you know this key expression "May I have this dance?"
KA: Yes.
K: It's easy to remember.
KA: Yes.
J: It is.
K: Nice structure, sentence structured there.
J: But it takes a lot of courage to say it sometimes to ask it.
K: Have you ever asked someone to dance?
J: Well, believe it or not, when I was younger, I was really really shy.
KA: Did you get butterflies in your stomach?
J: I got butterflies in my stomach and in my head.
KA: Oh my goodness.
J: I was extremely shy I would just go over and kind of blurt out something like...
KA: So you never danced.
J: No. I did sometimes. But I was extremely shy.
KA: So are you shy now?
J: Oh, heavens no. (does the laugh again)
Well, that's all for today.
KA: So until next time.
KA&J: Bye. We love ya!