They all talk fast with excitement.

We just got this dress in.
It'd be so adorable on you, Claire.
Yes, it's you definitely.
Veronica, I found something. Does this stationery look familiar?
Your Valentine message was written on that stationery.
Did anyone buy this stationery from you recently?
A young man did. He was about 6'1, dark and handsome.
Your mystery man.
I wonder who it could be. Johnny Angel.
Oh no.
Oh yes.

KA: An angel. Johnny Angel.
K: そこは聞こえましたけれどね。あとが速いですね。たまにこういうこともあってよろしいでしょうか。
J: Sometimes people talk that fast.
K: Yeah?
J: Sometimes they do when they get really excited.
K: Okay.
J: So it's good practice to listen to it over and over.
K: Right.
KA: So we have a clue.
K: Yeah, we do.
KA: Yeah.
K: The clue is?
J: Well, the stationery that they found.
K: Stationery that looks familiar.
KA: From the clue, what did we find out?
J: The lady at the shop said he was 6'1. So it's not me.
KA: Oh. Ken?
K: I may be handsome. I may be tall. I may be dark. No.

J: Well, that's it for today. So keep listening.
KA: Keep practicing and
KA&J: Keep on smiling! Bye.