They're so excited they're jumping up and down.

Tonight's the big night! Are you excited?
Maybe your Prince Charming will be there. I mean John.
I get butterflies in my stomach thinking about him.
You're hopelessly in love.
Oh dear. I have nothing to wear to the dance.
I know the perfect shop for you.
You're a true friend.
Excuse me. Could you go easy with your jumping, Miss?
Who's talking?
We're butterflies in your stomach and we're not comfortable at the moment.
Oh sorry.

K: 胃の中のバタフライが。この講座は誰でも何でも喋りますね。
KA: That's right. That is true.
K: Everything talks.
KA: Yes.
K: What to Wear. タイトルになっていますが。非常に便利な表現ですね。何を着ていくのか、着ていく服が分かんないとかですね、わかる?とか言うときに、clothesとかですね、dressとか言わずにwhat to wearで処理できますね。
KA: And so you know I often say this to myself when I'm looking in my drawers or in my closet. And I'll even say it out loud. What to wear, what to wear, what to wear, what to wear? As I'm throwing everything and I'm picking and choosing and thinking "oh I should go shopping!" What to wear, what to wear.
J: I say that before I come to work at ラジオ英会話. What to wear? What am I going to wear?
KA: Oh my goodness. So you look so nice.
K: That's right.
J: I hope so.
K: ということで、ジェフさん変な声出してますけども。大変便利な表現になります。
KA: And very simple and very short. What to wear.
K: なるほど。2人とも独り言を言っているようですね、お宅で。はい分かりました。Well, now we know what Prince Charming means. What about sort of an ideal woman? Princess?
J: Princess Totally Hot?
KA: Princess Totally Hot. That sounds like it should be in a magazine.
J: I don't think there is any equivalent for princess.
K: なるほど。Well, you learn something new every day.
KA: Yeah. Totally.

J: Well, that's all for today. So keep listening.
KA: Keep practicing and
J&KA: Keep on smiling! Bye.