McMillan says people are less likely to remain in a rut if they know about other possibilities. Collins lists life events that could cause people to leave a company. And Lyons describes planned boomerangs that have people working at parks and resorts for a season and returning for the next one. He also says more people are willing to go to another company if they feel it'll benefit their career.

H: Changes easily or changes often. "We're still in the early stages. So our schedule is very fluid." Or "The situation is very fluid right now. The stock market could go up or down depending on economic data."
S: 名詞としては「液体」という意味もありますね。そのから、「流動的」「変わりやすい」という意味に使われます。

H: McMillan means an observable fact or occurrence. Phenomenon can also mean a remarkable person or thing. A marvel, a wonder. "He's a phenomenon, the most successful entrepreneur in years." Or "This new workout DVD is a phenomenon. Everybody is using it."
S: phenomenonにはもう一つ実は意味があります。いまヘザーさんが挙げてくれた例ですけれど、「並外れたもの」「驚くべきこと」あるいは「非凡な人」「異才」という意味で人を表すこともありますね。

What's up with that?
H: What's going on, what's happening?" They canceled the product launch? What's up with that?" Or "I saw Carl and Tony arguing today. What's up with that?"

H: Differ, change, not always the same. Collins is using the intransitive form. Like "Our sales vary according to the season and the weather."
It can also be a transitive verb. Like" I vary what I eat for lunch." Or "I like to vary what I read. Sometimes history, sometimes fiction."
S: いまヘザーさんの説明の中で、intransitive、transitiveという言葉が出てきましたね。「自動詞」「他動詞」のことです。つまり「変化する・変化がある」という自動詞と「変化させる・修正する」という他動詞、両方の使い方があるということですね。

life event
S: 結婚とか子供の誕生、家族の死といった人生での大きな出来事。
H: A significant happening in one's life, a milestone. Things like graduating from college, getting your first job.

take time off
H: Things like "He needs some time off. He's working too hard." And you can also specify the period, like "Fred's taking a year off to write a book."

H: Something we intend to do, we arrange ahead of time. It can also mean scheduled. "A planned meeting has been canceled." Though I might say that more in writing than in speaking.
S: planned economyと言えば、「計画経済」ということですね。

advance one's career
H: Lyons could also say further one's career. Move it forward, accelerate its growth and progress. "Personal connections are important to further our careers."

H: The group of skills, the different skills a person has." Her skills include translating and the ability to speak German." Or "Translating is not part of her skillset."
S: 「技能・能力」といった意味のskillは複数形で、skillsというふうに使うことが多いわけですね。「色々なスキル・いくつかのスキル」というのを、a set of skills、あるいは、a group of skillsというふうに言います。同じ意味でskillsetというのもよく使います。