Collins says companies that refuse to take back former employees may fall behind the times. And Grace adds that it's common to make several big career changes in one's life. She says millenials in particular change jobs frequently, but that losing employees hurts a business' profits. Asked what's led to increased job mobility, Grace cites technology as making it easier for people to explore various options.

run the risk of
H: Put ourselves at risk of something. Put ourselves in danger of that thing happening. If we don't get enough sleep, for example, we run the risk of making mistakes. If we get chilled, we run the risk of catching a cold.

working life
H: The years we spend working, our overall careers. "She's had a lot of different jobs during her working life." "His working life ended at 68 when he retired."
S: そういった場合に、retire from active lifeというような表現も使いますね。「現役を引退する」ということです。

job hop
H: Move frequently between jobs. Not staying at a particular job for very long. People who do this are job hoppers. I knew a serious job hopper once. She changed jobs about every eight months. Likewise bar hopping is moving around various bars in the course of an evening.
S: 何々-hoppingというと、job hoppingの他に、bar hoppingがありますね。日本語でははしご酒をすると言いますけれど。その他にtable hoppingなどというフレーズもありますね。テーブルからテーブルに歩き回る。レストランに行って知ってる人がいるのでテーブルからテーブルに挨拶をしてまわるということ。
H: Or you could say that at an event of some kind that you spent the time table hopping and talking to lots of people.
S: そうですね。ネットワーキングパーティーなどで、テーブルをまわって人と話をする、といったようなものが、table hoppingです。

不安定さ、流動的であること、変動的で あること。
H: Volatility is the likelihood of changing very suddenly or in an extreme way. The adjective would be volatile "Be careful what you say around Stephanie. She's got a volatile temper." "The stock market is extremely volatile right now."

bottom line
H: Grace means a company's net profit. This is called the bottom line because on a financial report it's the lowest figure on the page.
Bottom line can also mean the main point, the crucial factor in a situation. "This is a great idea. But the bottom line is we can't afford it." Or "Mike tries very hard but the bottom line is he's not a good translator."

what's behind
H: What's causing the situation, what are the factors involved. "What's behind these computer problems? Why do all terminals keep crashing?" Or "What's behind this merger? What do the companies want to get out of it?"

job mobility
H: How much people move between jobs. Things like "There's not a lot of job mobility in this industry. People tend to stay in one place."
S: upward mobilityと言えば「上昇志向」「出世志向」のことですね。

check out
H: Examine, evaluate something. "I'll check out the hotel's banquet facilities tomorrow, see if they're large enough for the company party." Or "I'm going to check out the new stationery store."


true of
H: A certain statement, a certain idea applies to someone. It is an accurate description of them. Living in a big city can be expensive, right? That's certainly true of Tokyo. "Lots of women can't sew anymore. And that's certainly true of me."
S: true ofで、何々にも当てはまる、誰々にも当てはまる。