They're two spies on a mission.

What can I do for you?
I'm Watkins, Claire Watkins. Do you remember the person who sent me red roses?
As a matter of fact, I do.
Quite frankly I'm mystified. What's his name, Adam Caldwell?
Well, I'm afraid I can't divulge his name.
I'm with MKOI.
What's MKOI?
Mission Kind Of Impossible.
Well, in that case, here's the data.
Oh, he's clean. No prior records.
Yes. And I can vouch for his character. He's a real gentleman.
Okay. Thanks, sir...
Bond, James Bond. Shaken, not stirred.

K: Now James Bond is masquerading as a florist?
KA: Yes.
J: Yeah. A man of many faces,many hats.
K: And this lady spy.
KA: Down to business kind of spy.
K: Yeah.
KA: She got the info.
J: Yeah.
K: All right.
J: We don't know what happens after this though.
K: Sounded pretty much like Sean Connery.
J: Sounded a little bit like Sean Connery.
KA: Yes.
K: そうですね。
KA: Shaken, not stirred. Are you a fan of Sean Connery?
J: I do. I like him. I like him even better now than when he was James Bond. I think he's gotten more cool as the years have gone.
KA: He's very seasoned, isn't he.
J: Yes, a seasoned actor.
That's all for today.
KA: So see you next time.
KA&J: Bye.