This is a scene from a musical called Love Is in the Air.

I see that Valentine's Day is in full swing.
Love is in the air.
Who sent the flowers?
Claire has an anonymous suitor.
Say, I heard you got a love letter from a doctor.
Who started this rumor?
Beats me. Word gets around fast.
This whole thing is getting blown out of proportion.
Do you know why?
Yes! Because love is in the air!

J: Wow. Big finish.
KA: Yes.
J: That was such a big one.
KA: Lovely.
K: It's famous for that. That musical. For the big finish. So what else is in the air.
KA: Valentine's Day, infatuation, the plot thickening.
K: Plot thickening too.
J: Chocolate, flowers.
KA: Ooh! And it's all up in the air too because we don't know who sent the flowers.
J: That's right. We don't know yet.
K: up in the airというのは、まだ未解決であってですね、まだ何も分かっていない、ということですよね。誰が送ったかというのはまだまだ大きなミステリーになっておりますが。
J: I think we're going to find out pretty soon though.
KA: You do?
J: I hope so. I'm getting anxious.
K: I know who.
KA: How do you know?
K: Because we wrote it. I wouldn't say it because otherwise word gets around.

J: Well, our time is about up. But you know, I can't remember the end of the story.
KA: Oh, I know but I look forward to knowing the end.
J: Me too. So until next time, keep listening.
KA: Keep practicing and
J&KA: Keep on smiling! Bye.