Veronica has a big voice.

Someone left this on my desk.
Cool stationery. What does it say?
Angel of my heart, send me a sign that you'll be my Valentine. There's no signature.
Maybe it's from you-know-who.
John! The ER doctor. You've been infatuated with him since day one!
Don't broadcast it to the world!
Sorry. You know though, Claire, between you and me and the four walls...
Bring it down, Veronica.
It's John.
No way! I'm not infatuated with John ever!

K: Do you ever go to Valentine's Day dance?
J: Yes sometimes. Kind of a wallflower. Yeah because I can't dance.
KA: You can't dance?!
J: Don't broadcast it to the world.

KA: Jeff, you say you can't dance. Is that true?
J: Well, I can but not very well.
KA: Really?
J: Imagine a dancing bear in a circus. So until next time. Keep listening.
KA: Keep practicing and
J&KA: Keep on smiling! Bye.