Summary: Nissen says he's always looking for new foods from around the world, and lists some of those he likes. McMillan praises insects as high in protein and low in fat and choresterol.
Ueda says some people in Japan eat bugs but it's not common.
And Nissen says the so-called yuck factor will likely prevent insects from becoming a mainstream food worldwide. He personally prefers nuts for getting protein and fats.

be on the lookout for
H: Be watchful for, search for. "I'm always on the lookout for interesting books." "She's on the lookout for a new house."
S: Keep one's eyes openなどとも言いますね。「油断なく見守る」ということですが、eyesの代わりにearsとと言いますね。keep one's ears open「見張っている」「気をつけている」ということですね。

rich in protein
H: Here rich means have a lot of, contain a lot of. "This food is rich in vitamin C."
It can also mean possess a lot of some valuable thing that is not money. "He's rich in friends." "This region is rich in history."

S: ちょうど中頃でマクミランが言っていますね。Insects as a viable protein source. 「有望なタンパク源としての昆虫」ということ。
H: And this sometimes shows up as a very derogatory word. I would be extremely careful about using it because it means that the other person is really disgusting or and small. "You insect!" Be very careful how you use it.

H: Capable of success, capable of working sufficiently or developing sufficiently. I've read about viable business models and viable marketing strategies.

low in fat and cholesterol
H: Low in, contains a small amount of some element. Low in salt, low in sugar.
We also say low on something, which means we're running out of it. We only have a little left. "We're low on paper clips. We need to order some more." "I'm a little low on energy today."

seasoned grasshoppers and locusts
H: With seasoned, Ueda means their flavor has been changed, some seasoning, sauce, something has been used.
It can also mean have a lot of experience in a certain area. And because of that experience, we have a lot of knowledge and skill. Seasoned travelers, a seasoned politician or a seasoned negotiator.
S: seasoned、このビニェットの中では、「味付けした」「風味を加えた」

bee larvae
S: larvaeというのは、ラテン語の複数で、larvaの最後にeをつけて複数にします。

not exactly
H: Essentially this means not. It's a deliberate understatement. Kind of a humorous way to say not. "Tokyo summers are not exactly cool." "He's not exactly a great dancer."
S: not exactly、ちょっと面白い使い方ですね。「何々とは言えない」ということで、「全く何々ではない」という意味で使うこともありますね。例えば、He's not exactly an eloquent speaker.と言えばですね、「彼は必ずしも雄弁家ではない」ということですけれど、「全く喋るのが下手」という意味で使う場合もありますし、eloquent speakerではないけれど、ヒューモラスな面白い話をしてくれるという意味で使うこともありますね。

go mainstream globally
H: Become common around the world, become standard. "Will solar power ever go mainstream?" "I hope self-driving cars go mainstream someday."

I wouldn't bet on it.
H: I don't think that's gonna happen. I don't think that's the case. The image here is don't put a bet on this because you'll probably lose. "I wouldn't bet on this product selling." "I wouldn't bet on anyone getting raised this year."


meat-and-potatoes diet
H: He's not being literal here. He doesn't mean just meat and just potatoes. He's talking about the typical American eating habits, which do include a lot of meat, a lot of red meat. And a lot of starches like potatoes.
Another way to use meat and potatoes without the hyphens is to say this is your main source of income. This is your main thing. "Printers are that company's meat and potatoes." That's where they make most of their money.