They’re having a hard time trying to cross the street because there’s so much traffic.

Years ago this parking lot was a pasture. I used to pick daisies here.
Watch out!
No worries. So it was a pasture?
Look out!
Thanks. Whew. That was close.
No problem. Your great grandpa let his horses graze here. Every once in a while we… we took them out for a ride.
How times have changed!
Are you okay?
Yeah. Is your home still standing?
That was torn down long before your time. Stop! Now, let’s go.
Wow. Great grandma?
No, I’m your grandma.
No. Great great grandma.
No! Grandma. I’m your grandma.

K: Well, well, well. The grandma has a super power.
J: They all do.
KA: She certainly does.
K: They all do. I wonder when she acquired that particular power.
KA: That was acquired long before your time.
K: Thanks for the information.
KA: Sure.

J: Well, that’s all for today, so keep listening
KA: Keep practicing and
KA&J: Keep on smiling. Bye.