Summary: Ueda describes how some of the largest members of the food industry are working to persuade people to eat less, through such measures as reducing product sizes. McMillan talks about a certain company’s new labeling policy and says it was prompted by people’s awareness that some of the companies products contained a lot of sugar, salt or fat. He adds that the policy is part of a worldwide trend.

H: In addition to, other than. “Besides being too expensive, this venue is too small.” “Where have you traveled besides the United States?”
S: いまヘザーさんはvenueと言ってましたね。場所とか会場ということですね。

big player
H: A big player is a person or company who’s a big presence, a powerful figure in some industry. “Company X is a big player in the IT industry.” “She’s a big player in the stock market.”
S: 人に関しても企業に関しても使いますね。大手企業という場合には例えばindustrial giant等とも言いますね。それから、player、人について使う場合、例えば、team playerなんて言い方しますね。チームの一員として、和を保った状態でみんなと一緒に仕事のできる人という意味ですね。

convince someone to
H: Persuade someone to do something, persuade them this is what they should do. “She convinced him not to quit the company.” “His heart problems convinced him to eat healthier food.”
S: いまヘザーさん、She convinced him not to quit the company. と言っていましたね。「会社を辞めないように説得する」ということなんですけれど、その場合には例えば、She talked him out of quitting. などと言いますね。あるいは一語でdissuadeという単語を使っても結構ですね。persuadeに対して、何々しないほうがいいと説得するというのがdissuadeということです。

H: McMillan is talking about actually placing a label on a food package. We also use this to mean describe or clarify as certain way. And it’s usually a bad thing. Like, if someone lied on his résumé, he’d be labeled as dishonest.

as opposed to
S: 終わり近くでコリンズがAs opposed to never?と言っていますね。その前にパット・マクミランがoccasionallyという言葉を使ったのに対して、「neverではなく、occasionallyですか?」という意味で言っているわけですね。

H: We often use this when we want to change the tone of a conversation or make it clear that we’re speaking in earnest. Imagine your office computers keep crashing. You could say “Maybe we should all go home. But seriously, we need to get this fixed.”
S: 冗談はさておいて、という意味で、joking asideなどとも言いますね。

put a premium on
H: Here premium means value. So if you place a premium on something or put a premium on something, you value it, attach importance to it. “This company puts a premium on employee happiness.” “We put a premium on innovation.”



H: They’re getting smaller, they’re contracting. Literally as well as figuratively. “Clothing sales have shrunk since last year.” “US automobiles have shrunk a great deal since the 1970s.”
S: 小さくなる、縮むという意味です。

be aware
H: They realize something, they know what the situation is, they know what’s happening. “He wasn’t aware of his bad breath.” “It’s important to be aware of how much we’re spending and saving.”
S: 知っている、認識してる。似たような単語に、be awareを一語にしたような感じで、bewareというのがありますね。よく標識なんかに出てきますね。観光地などに行くと、”BEWARE OF PICKPOCKETS.” と書いてあります。「スリにご用心」ということですね。