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Unit 1 - Can I just say something? 

Have you ever had trouble joining a conversation? This month, we'll fill you in on how to handle these tricky situations. 
NHK CD ラジオ 入門ビジネス英語 2013年4月号


■□■□ 今日のフレーズ □■□■
Can I just say something?

Can I just say something? で使われているjustは「単に、ちょっと、とにかく」といった意味。これを入れることによって「少しだけ」ということになり、聴いている方も負担が無くその続きを聴く姿勢が取れる。

Dialogue 1
A: We believe this is the cause of the problem.
B: Can I just say something? I think the cause might be different. 

Dialogue 2
A: So I guess this is all for today.
B: Can I just say something before we wrap up?

Dialogue 3
A: Is everyone okay with this plan?
B: Can I just say something? It's about the dates.
A: Sure, go ahead.

Can I just say one thing?

Can I just add something?

Could I just say something?
同僚などに使えるCan I...?の部分をCould I...?とすると、より丁寧な表現になる。

And one more thing from me. "Can I just...?" is used for interjections or short interruptions. Short "yes," but also be sure to keep your comments concise.


Eriko's right. It can be tough to speak up. This start of a new year brings lots of new people and new experiences with it. However, one thing our phrase "Can I just say something?" does is allow you to bring up almost anything, even from the past. Used mostly during meetings, I've heard people say directly after the meeting's intro. Things like, "Can I just say something? Remember everyone. Larry's good-bye party is tomorrow night at 7 p.m."