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What's in a Name? 

NHK CD ラジオ ラジオ英会話 2013年4月号


■□■□ Words & Expressions □■□■

  • What's in a name? 名前が何?名前などどうでもいい。
シェイクスピア作"Romeo and Julliet, Act Ⅱ Scene Ⅱ "から。

  • dignified りんとした、威厳のある

 ■□■□ Apply It! ■□■□

I was named after my paternal grandmother. 

be named after ... は「...にちなんで名づけられる」。my paternal grandmotherは「父方の祖母」。my father's mother/ my grandmother on my father's sideと言い換え可。

■□■□ U R the ☆! ■□■□

Jeff: Is Katie your nickname?
Katie: Yes. My real name is Catherine. I was named after my maternal grandmother.
Jeff: What's your full name?
Katie: Catherine Sarah Teresa Adler. 
Jeff: That's pretty.
Katie: Oh, thanks!
Ken: That's really pretty and dignified!
Jeff: Yes!
Katie: Thank you.
Ken: Wow!

■□■□ Say It! ■□■□
In Japan, we don't get middle names.


■□■□ Try It in a New Situation! ■□■□ 
Isamu is eating an apple. 

I: Is Winnie your nickname?
W: Yes. My real name is Winona. I was named after my paternal grandmother.
I: What's your full name?
W: Winona Wanda Wando.
I: That's a wonderful name.
W: Thanks.
I: In Japan, we don't get middle names.
W: Oh.
I: I wish I had one.
W: Oh. Well, let's make one up. How about Isamu...
I: Uh-huh.
W: ...Isaac Shinmachi?
I: Perfect!
W: What does Shinmachi mean?
I: New town.
W: Ah! So that makes you Isaac Newton!
I: No wonder I like apples! Would you like a bite?
W: Oh, I'm full, but thanks anyway.
I: That's good. Fell off that tree the other day and hit me on the head.
W: Oh my.

Katie: Newton, New town. Oh my goodness.
Ken: That's why. I see. Jeff were you named after someone?
Jeff: Yes, so I was named after my father.
Ken: Oh wow. That's nice.
Jeff: Yeah but I wish I had four names like Katie.
Ken: Greedy, greedy, greedy.  Well that's about it for today. So until next time.
Jeff: Keep listening.
Katie: Keep practicing.
Ken: And keep on smiling.
All: Bye!