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Family and Home
Week1 - Family History

Making Small Talk

NHK CD ラジオ ラジオ英会話 2013年4月号


□■□■□■□■□ Words & Expressions □■□■□■□■□
  • make small talk 雑談する、世間話をする

  • ...'s folks ...の両親・家族

  • Is that a fact? そうなんですか。
  • nickel 5セント
↑よくnickleと書いてしまう_| ̄|○

□■□■□■□■□ U R the ☆ □■□■□■□■□

Jeff: Where are you from originally?
Katie: I grew up in California. 
Jeff: Whereabouts? 
Katie: It's near San Francisco. 
Jeff: Wow.

□■□■□■□■□ Say It! □■□■□■□■□
That's a way of life long gone!

機能語(be動詞 's, 冠詞 a, 前置詞 of)を弱める。


□■□■□ Try It in a New Situation! □■□■□ 
They are senior citizens running on treadmills.

M: Where are you from originally?
W: I grew up in Iowa.
M: Whereabouts?
W: Tinkertown, near the Minnesota border.
M: I've drive through the town.
W: Really? My folks ran the only restaurant in town.
M: Is that a fact?
W: Back then you could get a cup of coffee for a nickel.
M: That's a way of life long gone!
W: Right! And back then I could run much faster and longer.
M: You can say that again.
W: Ooh! Do you want to go another five miles?
M: Why not? Say, there, young man!
Y: Yes?
M: Do you want to join us?
Y: I'm fine. Thank you. And you?
M&W: Never better! Here we go!
Y: Wow.

Ken: That's... Iowao.
Well, that's about it for today. So until next time.
Jeff: Keep listening.
Katie: Keep practicing.
Ken: And keep on smiling.
All: Bye!